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Welcome to the Counseling Department at Armstrong Elementary!

I am very blessed and honored to be here to serve our children. My philosophy in counseling is meeting the needs of every child from Pre-Kindergarten to 4th grade. In today’s society, we are ever changing. With these demands and influences in the lives of our children, learning can be impacted considerably; therefore interventions are in integral part of the learning process. I am dedicated to helping all students with things like problem solving, understanding feelings, making friends, doing their best in school, and making good choices for the future. Counseling at Armstrong elementary is based upon giving students the tools to be successful in school with the goal of these skills being carried over into life long learning in all avenues including academics, personal, and social.
I am looking forward to an awesome year!
If ever you need anything for your child, yourself, or your family, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Meet our Counselor!

What does a school counselor do?

An Elementary School Counselor provides:

  • School Guidance Curriculum: A comprehensive program that promotes knowledge and skills in three content areas: academic achievement, career development and personal/social growth.
  • Individual & Small Group Counseling: Ongoing activities designed to help individual and small groups of students to establish personal goals and develop future plans.
  • Responsive Services: Includes consultation, individual/small group counseling, crisis response, referrals, peer mediation.
  • System Support: Professional development, collaboration, program management and operation.