Meagan Baker
Pre-K Teacher

My name is Meagan Baker and I'm so excited to by your child's pre-k teacher. Your child will learn and grow at an amazing rate this year. My goal is to work with each of you to help your child reach his/her fullest potential.

Our Class Schedule:
7:30-8:00       Students Arrive
8:00-8:15        Table Time/ Manipulatives/ Practice writing name
8:15-8:35        Whole Group Carpet Time: Calendar/ Daily News
8:35-8:50       Whole Group- Big Book
8:50-9:00       Bathroom
9:00-9:25       Math
9:25-9:40       Snack/ Shared Reading
9:40-10:05     Small Groups/ Centers/ Writing
10:05-10:20    Letter Knowledge
10:20-10:35    Music/ Get ready to go home
10:35-10:55    I/E/E
10:55-11:00     Dismissal
11:45-12:00    Table Time/ Manipulatives/ Practice writing name
12:00-12:30    Lunch
12:30-12:50    Whole Group Carpet Time: Calendar/ Daily News
12:50-1:05      Whole Group- Big Book
1:05-1:15         Bathroom
1:15-1:40         Math
1:40-1:50       Snack/ Shared Reading
1:50-2:10       Small Groups/ Centers/ Writing
2:10-2:20       Letter Knowledge
2:20-2:35      Music/ Get ready to go home
2:35-2:55      I/E/E
2:55-3:00      Dismissal

*****Please send an extra change of clothes in your child's backpack each day!*****

In addition to learning social skills, some topics we will explore this year include:

* Identify all letters of the alphabet and produce the correct sound(s) for each letter.
* Identify and write first name using capital/lowercase letters as appropriate.
* Read pre-k sight words (second semester) I, a, am, to, go, we, my, can, you, see, the, are, like, it, and, on, in, look, do, what, is
* Learn colors/shapes.
* Identify numbers 0-20 and make number groups.
* Count to 30 or higher.
* Sort objects.
* Create/extend patterns.
* Simple addition using objects.
** We will also practice concepts of print and begin reading and writing!

I believe parent/teacher communication is the key to a child's success so please feel free to contact me at  or 936-709-3400. My conference time is Wednesday - Thursday from 11:00 - 11:45. Thank you for sharing your child with me this year!!


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